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Prioritizing our Community.
Working Together.


dedicated to fighting for respect for all who have served


compelled to protect our environment and human rights


committed to quality public education to create a strong workforce in NH

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I believe that we need to return to ideals of respect and practicality to Concord to put NH's citizens first and find real solutions for real people

VOTE November 8th
to send common sense to Concord


Take Part in Something Great


14 Reasons to VOTE for Trish for Rockingham District 14

  1. Born and raised in Kingston, this area has always and will always be my home.

  2. I understand our community and served as a member of the Budget Committee, working to keep our property taxes as low as possible while ensuring that our community flourishes.

  3. I Teach Biology and Anatomy, I believe in Science and Facts.

  4. I believe in community and giving back, through volunteer work to provide needy kids with warm clothing or awarding college scholarships to young women, I believe in volunteering to better our community and encourage others to get involved.

  5. Working at Manchester Community College, I understand the value of community college and trade schools and believe that we should be encouraging more young people to pursue these fields.

  6. I see the value in New Hampshire’s community college and state university system to ensure that our citizens have access to affordable higher education, and believe that state funding to keep it affordable is necessary.

  7. I served 12 years in the NH Army National Guard and see the military as an important part of our community whose members should never be an afterthought or ignored.

  8. As a property owner in Kingston, I understand how overwhelming taxes can be.

  9. Owning a small business, I am familiar with the struggles and stress of entrepreneurship and I want to ensure our state supports and strengthens small shops that make NH main streets so special.

  10. Living on an aquifer, I recognize the value of our communities’ water resources and the importance of protecting our wells and clean water availability.

  11. I am a mentor and director of a scholarship program to help young people achieve their goals.  I will always fight to improve education and keep it affordable.

  12. I believe in bipartisanship and working with people of different ideas, we are at our best when we are challenged to think outside the box.  I will strive to do what is best and vote for my community regardless of who has sponsored a piece of legislation.

  13. As a musician, I support the Arts in our schools and community as an important part of education and society.

  14. As a new face to politics, I will bring fresh energy and new perspectives to Concord along with a true desire to protect the values and ideals of my community. I will continually strive to be a Representative who will make you proud.



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